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Linear Algebra


CSBlas is the translation of Fortran to C# of the BLAS numerical subroutines. CSBlas contains classes for performing basic vector and matrix operations.

Name Description
dasum.cs sum of absolute values
daxpy.cs y = a*x + y
dcopy.cs copy x into y
ddot.cs dot product
dgemm.cs matrix matrix multiply
dgemv.cs matrix vector multiply
dger.cs performs the rank 1 operation A := alpha*x*y' + A,
dlamch.cs LAPACK routine to determine machine parameters
dnrm2.cs Euclidean norm
drot.cs apply Givens rotation
dscal.cs x = a*x
dswap.cs swap x and y
dsymv.cs symmetric matrix vector multiply
dsyr2.cs performs the symmetric rank 2 operation A := alpha*x*y' + alpha*y*x' + A
dsyr2k.cs symmetric rank-2k update to a matrix
dtbsv.cs solving triangular banded matrix problems
dtrmm.cs triangular matrix matrix multiply
dtrmv.cs triangular matrix vector multiply
dtrsm.cs solving triangular matrix with multiple right hand sides
dtrsv.cs solving triangular matrix problems
idamax.cs index of max abs value
lsame.cs Test if the characters are equal. (Auxiliary Routine in Level 2 and 3 BLAS routines)
xerbla.cs error handler for the Level 2 and 3 BLAS routines. (Auxiliary Routine)